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The 4-Stage Nűby™ Feeding System

Perfect first bottle
Feeding System 0+

This classy designer bottle features the patented Nűby™ Non-Drip™ Nipple. This nipple's many unique features introduce parent and baby to a unique Nűby Non-Drip™/No-Spill™ feeding system. In this first stage, the baby learns how he or she can control the flow rate of the liquid. Since flow rate preferences vary from baby to baby, this is the perfect solution for a less frustrating feeding.

Suitable for babies from birth

Teething and growing stronger
Feeding System 4+

As a baby gains hand and arm strength, he or she begins to grip the bottle they are fed from. With the addition of handles at this stage, it is easier for the baby to hold the bottle on his or her own. Since babies also begin to teethe at this stage, the nipple can be switched to a Non-Drip™ Co-Injected Nipple. These special Nûby™ nipples provide hard and soft surfaces - ideal for feeding and teething!

Suitable for babies from 4 months

Transition from nipple to spout
Feeding System 6+

The Nûby™ No-Spill™ Silicone Spout is similar in feel and function to our Nûby™ Non-Drip™ Nipples used in previous stages. This creates an easy, comfortable transition for a child to go from using bottles to using cups. Unlike many other cups on the market, the Nûby™ spout doesn't contain extra pieces that need to be washed. Additionally, the use of handles in this stage makes it easier for a child to grip his or her bottle while becoming acclimated to the new spout.

Suitable for babies from 6 months

Abilities improve
Feeding System 12+

As the child becomes used to feeding his or herself, the handles can be removed. The spout also changes to a No-Spill™ Straw. The child now feels like "one of the big kids!" By maintaining the same No-Spill™ functions that the child has been drinking from in the previous stages, there is no confusion or frustration when the child begins drinking from the No-Spill™ Straw.

Suitable for babies from 12 months

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